Our products

Currently, our platform host the products generated by the following projects:


The partners of the EN ROUTE project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme - Action KA2 Strategic Partnerships - VET - Innovation, offer the training course for "Sport and Tourism Outdoor Manager" addressed to graduates in sports disciplines oriented to undertake a multidisciplinary professional career in the field of sports tourism.

The course aims to train innovative managerial profiles in order to teach them how to design and propose new sports tourism brands to territorial actors active in different areas (wellness tourism, accessible tourism, ecotourism, cultural heritage, etc.); and also, to develop tourism potential considering both economic development and possible urban and territorial renewal.

The course will foresee 14 days in attendance and 40 days of online training devoted to the production of a project work, and to international networking with the other working groups of project partners (Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Romania, Republic of Macedonia). At the end of the training, a five-month work-based learning period will follow, thanks to the cooperation of local partners interested to launch on the territory the business models on sports tourism developed by the participants.

Language Learning through Culture & Cooking

Language Learning through Culture & Cooking is a 2 year project funded through the Erasmus+ KA2 Adult Strategic Partnership Programme. Led by Community Action Dacorum (UK) the project also brings together partners from Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Spain to share their knowledge and expertise to create innovative training products which combine together the topics of language learning, cookery and inter-cultural dialogue. The project is aimed at adult learning providers and community development agencies and will provide new tools they can use to enable learners to enhance their learning outcome and through this role in the workplace and local society. More details can be found here: http://languagecookingculture.eu.

Online Resource Toolbox of Lessons, Materials, Guidance and Handbooks -  portfolio of training materials, guidelines, handbooks and online resources for organisations and adult trainers to draw upon to enhance the delivery of their lessons. 


The Climate Heritage Game project aims to raise awareness among high school teachers and students around Europe about issues relating to climate change and cultural heritage protection by including digital games in their daily lesson plans.