Questions and Answers (FAQ)

- updated on 10.02.2023 -

Your question is not here? No problem, please write to us at contact@learninglibrary.eu and we will get back to you!



1) How much does it cost to participate in a course/module/e-game? 

The courses and modules are offered for free during 2021-2024 thanks to the support of ERASMUS + programme and the effort of the project teams.


2) Can I subscribe to all the modules and e-games? 

Yes, you can and we encourage you to do it if you are interested in them. 



3) If I read the text in a course, do I have to watch the video, as well? 

Generally, the videos will follow the “red thread” of the written text, but they also include some extra elements.



4) Are the courses available in other languages as well? 

All the online modules and training courses are available in English and in some cases, in other languages, these details can be different from project to project. 


5) Can I still use the platform after I have finished the course/e-game? 

Yes, you can use the platform for free, later. We strongly encourage you to follow your group as this will help your learning process, as well. 


6) Is it obligatory to enrol in order to follow a course/play an e-game?

Yes. You need to create a user on the platform and enrol yourself in order to follow the modules/courses./e-games


7) How do I create the user on the website?

On the first page, in the top right corner, click on the LOGIN button. Follow the steps there and you will receive a message to confirm your account. Check the SPAM folder, as well, sometimes it goes there. Once you create your account you can enrol on any course(s)/e-game(s) you want. Take a look at the next questions and answers for more details.



8)How do I enrol on a course/play an e-game?

Check the available courses or e-games, and press the ReadMore button to access the course that interests you. Afterwards, click the Enrol me button to enrol on the course/on an e-game.



9) How do I explore, take a course, play a game?

Check the available courses/e-games, and press the ReadMore button to access the course that interests you. Afterwards, click on each available item to navigate through it.

10) Do I have access to the materials from the course after I finish it, can I still replay an e-game later?

Yes, you will be able to access the course materials or replay the e-games for at least two years after the end of the project. 


11) How many people from one organisation can apply to a course or play an e-game?

At the moment, there is no set limit in this regard.  


12) I did not get your emails, they went to spam, what should I do?

Please mark our addresses as non-spam senders, put them on a safe list or any other option available, so that we will be able to stay in touch. We send messages from contact@learninglibrary.euyouthworkerplus@gmail.com, learninglibrary.eu@gmail.com and noreply@learninglibrary.eu.


13) We would like to work with you on some follow-up projects, is that possible?

Please send your proposal to contact@predictconsulting.ro and we will surely reply. We are interested in well-balanced partnerships and we will get involved in projects where our expertise can be relevant. 

If your message is for specific partners from the project, either write to them directly or indicate who you would like to get in contact with.


14) I can’t finish the course within the planned time, is it possible to do it later?

In short – yes, it is possible; still, do not forget that some elements are designed to work when other participants are active on the platform, therefore, you might not be able to take advantage of some elements (for example, peer evaluations, missions, etc).

15) I found an error on the website.

Please send a short description to us at contact@learninglibrary.eu; we are grateful for your gesture, as it helps us to improve our materials.


16) I want to renew my password, I have forgotten the old one.

Please go to the “Reset password” option – direct link: http://learninglibrary.eu/login/forgot_password.php and follow the steps described there. Again, do not forget to check your spam folder, as well.